1011 Tutorial :: Halo Braid

Halo Braid.jpg

Step 1

  • Clip the sides and back of the hair into place, leaving the longer hair clipped and trailing down the neck and back. You can use simple clips and this area can look messy as the main focus will be on the braid.

Step 2

  • Pulling the hair up from the ear, it can be divided into a normal French braid of three sections and woven across the front of the forehead. As you work with the braid, more pieces of hair can be incorporated to keep the halo firmly in place.

Step 3

  • As you cross the opposite ear from where you started, it is time to start bringing the clipped hair into the braid and it can be secured with well placed and hidden clips, bobby pins, and other tools.

Step 4

  • Coming full circle around the head, you will need to pin the last bit of hair to the first part of the braid. If done correctly, this will create a seamless appearance and the point where the braid starts and ends will be completely hidden from view.

Step 5

  • At this point, there will probably still be a decent amount of frizz. To finish the look, simply add a healthy dose of hairspray and fluff up the halo using the fingers. The frizz will fall in place and you can choose to either go with a natural halo braid or a more polished and glamorous look.

As with many other things, remember that practice makes perfect and you should ask your hairdresser to go through a dry run to make sure they are able to deliver the exact halo braid that you are looking for. This should be done a few weeks before the actual wedding to make sure you have time to make last minute changes or switch to a different hairstylist, if needed. It may seem tricky at first, but the halo braid becomes easier to perfect with each successive try. The benefit of having a classic and timeless look on your wedding day will definitely be worth the effort.


Photography provided by Wedding Chicks

Posted on March 27, 2012 and filed under DIY Tutorial.