Beautiful Lies Under The Industry Skin

Man I love what I do. I love makeup and hairstyling, the tools and techniques, the very art of it, and most of all the people. I love the various styles and genres of makeup, the way it can transform and enhance and the way it can elicit emotion. 

I think makeup and styling can help and encourage people to lean into their confidence, seeing beauty in themselves and their features that they may not have been aware of before, or have known how to enhance. However, it's the motive and message behind some makeup styles and trends that I have an issue with. I'd be lying if I didn't say I find myself struggling with the industry that I love and am so passionate about. An industry I live and breathe, that I feel called to be a part of. 

At what point did we decide that a woman's face should be disguised in order to be beautiful? When was it decided that makeup was more about painting, carving, and covering? What happened to makeup that enhanced, drew out, and revealed the natural beauty and features of a face, working with the lines, structure and details of the face in a natural way?

What I see happening is a level of insecurity, that women can't seem to turn from, becoming their reality. These insecurities are only being further affirmed by the professionals aligning with those lies. The lie that they don't have a natural beauty by masking the face they were born with, which only further defines beauty as something that must be created. 

I speak mainly in the direction of weddings, when a woman should feel like her most beautiful self, not like someone they do not recognize in the mirror, in order to feel confident. Clients bringing in photos of someone else not as inspiration for a look but asking to look like the person in the photo is disheartening. Photos from Pinterest or Instagram that couldn't be further from the truth- filtered, modified, and edited. The photo they cling to is one of a face of "beauty" that is naturally unattainable; void of pores, imperfections, lines, creases ... life. In my opinion that is not art, its dishonesty, and sets a standard for perfection that is deceiving.  

How will women ever step out from under the pressures of not being "beautiful enough", the lies society coddle, if we cannot help our clients see that they just need to step into what they already have? We are in the business of beauty and it is our duty to help reveal it and make women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin ... Skin that will not later be Facetuned, modified , smoothed or edited before posted because then we only further perpetuate the lies. Kevin Aucoin, one of THE greatest artists of all time said "I think the beginning of all beauty is liking and knowing oneself". That right there is the message. I want that to be the underlying motive always behind my work, building up women, bringing forward their beauty in a way they can genuinely own and lean into, and helping them to see just how truly magnificent they were made. 

Posted on February 16, 2016 .