Big Brother, 2013

Never did I imagine that I would raise a home full of, nor that I would be outnumbered by,  all boys.  But God had bigger and grander plans for our future than we could have even dreamt of.

I previously shared the difficulty we had getting pregnant with our first born. Yet, now only 15 months after our last little miracle, we have been blessed to announce the coming of our newest addition- another baby boy. We only have plans to have a family of four, and I would be lying if I said that it was easy to swallow the idea that  I would not have a little girl to raise and share that special relationship with like my mother and I do. But as a dear friend said, how beautiful is it if God's plans for us are far grander than even the deepest desires of our heart.  In that alone I know this baby has a special place in this world, a place that surpasses any purpose I could dream up for him, and far greater than anything I could ever fathom.  We are so blessed to turn our family of three into four (well five including the cutest dog you have ever seen), and I am excited to have a life with not only one man of my dreams looking out over me, but now a team of three men - to call my own. And how lucky am I to care for them!?


*Special thanks to Wedding Chicks for the adorable “Big Brother” shirt, and to my hubs for making a darling video.

Posted on April 27, 2013 .